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How To Ship Your Chainsaw

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Follow these easy steps to safely ship your chainsaw

  1. Carefully empty the oil tank, and place cap back on snuggly.
  2. Carefully empty the fuel tank, and let it dry. Once dry place the cap on snuggly.
  3. Remove the guide bar and chain, do not ship them. We have test bars, and chains.
  4. Remove the felling dogs, both the inside side and the outside dog  if there is one. These just end up puncturing the shipping box and make a mess of your packing.
  5. Use two trash bags and double bag your saw. Tie the bags with tape, twist or zip ties. This keeps any fuel fumes from getting out - do this so the courier doesn't get nosey... literally.

Now for the packaging

  • Choose a box that is at least 2 greater in length, width and height than the powerhead dimensions.
  • Make sure to pack your saw tight! Use cardboard, foam chunks, rigid insulation, random crap, etc. You can use bubble wrap but not the air pillows, they leak and puncture easily - your saw is too much for them. Pack tightly, with no voids that will cause the power head to shift inside the box.
  • Finally, tape the crap out of it and ship it! 
  • Ship to:

Andrew Wellman
West Hill Saw House
1605 West Hill Rd
West Berlin, VT 05663

For more information about how to ship a chainsaw, please call Dominant Saw at 802-526-4729 or email us at  


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  • I’m interested in sending a 460 to have ported , I’m a professional timber cutter so I need it to cut well with chain speed and torque, I run a 32” full comp chain.
    What’s the turn around time for a modification?
    Thank you

    Mel Lentz on

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