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5 Reasons To Put A Dominant Wiseco Piston In Your Husky 372

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Dominant Saw Wiseco Chainsaw racing piston

5 Reasons To Put A Dominant Wiseco Piston In Your Husky 372

Hey Dominant Fans,
This is Andy from West Hill Saw House, the co-owner of Dominant Saw, and the saw-tech who designs and tests all things saw. Today I ok'd the production specs of remaining batch of lightweight Dominant Saw X Wiseco 372XP super pistons. Right from the box these little gems will drop in and up the performance of your saw noticeably. You don't have to be a veteran saw modder, you don't need a burr grinder, you just need to be handy and thorough.

Lighter Reciprocating Piston Weight 

Spools up faster, better throttle response, lower vibe, higher revs, and less work for your saw do to moving the piston.

Higher Quality Material

Higher silicon content means its expands less. Less expansion, lasts longer, lubricates better and runs cooler

Better-than-OEM Machining

Higher tolerances, more uniform, has a .003" taper from skirt to crown allowing it be be run harder at hotter temps. Saw modders, modders hot saw builders take note because you can push the limits of your saw builds more, with reduced scuffing risk.

Skirt Coating

The skirt coating is an ultra slick dry molybdenum disulphide coating. This helps during break-in but even after the cosmetics of it wear down there remains an imbedded microscopic layer in the skirt surface. You may not see it after 100 hrs but its still in the skirt alloy and still doing its job, lowering friction and heat.

Piston Crown Anodizing 

The crown has anodized thermal barrier, similar to a ceramic thermal barrier coating. It significantly reduces combustion heat from saturating the piston. This reduces the piston-heat induced expansion (cooler motor) and keeps the combustion heat where it belongs for more thorough combustion. Thorough combustion = better power.

Using Ceramic Hybrid Bearings In Your Chainsaw

Oh, if you have spent the cash and time to put a hot piston in your saw, consider our ABEC 5 hybrid-ceramic bearings. We would not bother to sell them if we believed they did not make a real difference. These are insanely smooth and a massive upgrade over the stock, $25-a-set, full-chrome ABEC 3 bearings. Trust me on this, 372's love to kill bottom ends, and with a hot top end, well, you get the picture. They spin faster, are lighter, have much lower friction and last much longer.

Have any questions or need advice on install? Message Dominant Saw and ask for Andy in the Laboratory.

-Later Chainsaw Fans

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  • do you port stihls and what is your turn around time

    sean on
  • are you guys doing any performance parts for a stihl ms 461 and 661rcm

    sean on
  • Generally speaking, how much squish do you have with a domed piston in a 372 saw? If I want to deck the bottom of the cylinder .020–0.025 inch ( about the same as removing the base gasket) would I run into any issues?


    Jim on

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