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How To Blow Up Your Saw With A Titanium Wrist Pin

Posted by Bill Lockwood at

These are racing parts with a shorter life than the OEM equivalent, and therefore sold with no warranty. Despite a very-noticeable performance increase, they will fail after 35 (or less) tanks of fuel in a ported 372xp running our piston. They are, however, very high quality and will stress your saw less due to lighter weight.

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5 Reasons To Put A Dominant Wiseco Piston In Your Husky 372

Posted by Andrew Wellman at

5 Reasons To Put A Dominant Wiseco Piston In Your Husky 372 Hey Dominant Fans, This is Andy from West Hill Saw House, the co-owner of Dominant Saw, and the saw-tech who designs and tests all things saw. Today I ok'd the production specs of remaining batch of lightweight Dominant Saw X Wiseco 372XP super pistons. Right from the box these little gems will drop in and up the performance of your saw noticeably. You don't have to be a veteran saw modder, you don't need a burr grinder, you just need to be handy and thorough. Lighter Reciprocating Piston Weight  Spools up...

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