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How To Install Ceramic Chainsaw Crankshaft Bearings

Posted by Andrew Wellman at

Dominant hybrid ceramic bearings are are strong and reliable if installed properly. The ceramic balls themselves are extremely hard which give them their low rolling resistance and durability.

This hardness is the very reason you want them in your saw, but it also makes them susceptible to fracture or chipping as a result of a improper installation.

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The Benefits of Ceramic Bearings for Stihl and Husky Chainsaws

Posted by Bill Lockwood at

Few modifications can compete with the value and performance increase that hybrid ceramic bearings can provide. Many mods such as porting a saw for max rpm can be detrimental when working the saw. An RPM saw might have less torque than one tuned for torque - maybe your saw is huge and power isn't the problem but speed in the wood is, sure make it speedy. That said, not all saws benefit from the same mods. A hybrid ceramic bearing is great for every saw, it doesn't build heat with load, so no matter how hard you work it, the...

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