Dominant Wiseco 50mm Piston for 372xp and more – Dominant Saw

Dominant Wiseco 50mm Piston for 372xp and more

  • $ 139.99

Now in its 4th evolution - this piston makes believers. We wanted to make this piston available again due to popularity. 

"Anxious to see this 2171 ported, I tackled the job last night and finished it up this evening. WOW!!!! I do believe this is the strongest 70cc class saw I've ever built. This thing is just insane! It make ridiculous RPMs and pulls like a mule. I love it! I think I have a new favorite saw." - Brad Sneller, Snellerized Saws.

Another customer made some test cuts with a 372xp that had our piston and bearings, and said, "That's the best 372 I've ever put my hands on, I'll take three."

The Dominant piston was designed over many rounds for outstanding performance gains in unported and Ported saws. The pistons are manufactured for us by Wiseco in Ohio. Wiseco is the best name in the business when it comes to racing pistons for motocross, offroad, import drag, NHRA, and even Nascar.

Our newest 4th generation (V4) hypereutectic forged pistons, have a taller MegaDome™ pop-up for even higher compression and advanced intake timing and altered exhaust timing. This version has the regular piston crown without the exhaust dump for more options when building your saw.

Compression is king, when it comes to more power. You can widen and reshape ports but it never will stack up to what more compression will do for your saw. These are single ring pistons with a thinner ring than OEM, this means lower reciprocating weight, and less friction. The skirts have factory applied ArmorGlide™ moly coating to reduce friction and heat. Additionally, the lighter piston will reduce the crank bearing load as well.

Our exclusive asymmetrically-domed and balanced piston crown is factory anodized - which acts as a thermal barrier that reduces the amount of heat saturating the piston. The result is a cooler piston that expands less resulting a cooler more powerful engine that lasts longer.  

This smoother, lighter, cooler and higher compression piston will rob less power from your saw while preserving power we all like - all this adds up to more chips.

These fit 372XP's and other Husky / Jonsered saws, but not the X-Torq (sad face).

Need a spare ring? Get it here.


Brad Sneller Test Cuts with a Dominant Piston and Ceramic Bearings in a Snellerized Ported Jonsered 2171 taching 15,400RPM.

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