Ceramic Hybrid Chainsaw Single Stihl PTO Side Main Bearing – Dominant Saw

Single Dominant Ceramic Hybrid Stihl Main Bearing

  • $ 53.00

Sold individually. Order SPTO-M for smaller saws and SPTO-L for larger saws.

Also see the MS440/460 bearing kit to get both sides of the crankcase at once.

Your build is never complete unless you know what's inside the case. The bearings and the piston take the majority of the abuse in your saw. And, resisting heat build up cut after cut is a saw's fountain of youth.

Hybrid ceramic mains blend the best of both worlds, optimum durability and unequivocal performance. The balls are Si3N4 ceramic. Ceramic balls are 70% smoother than steel, spec'd to ABEC-5 tolerance, and good for rpm well past the mid 30's. This is the most badass chainsaw bearing on the market.

Ceramic balls, when compared to chrome steel balls:

  • 60%+ lighter
  • 50%+ stiffer
  • 70%+ smoother
  • More than 100% better rolling contact fatigue life
  • Much, much, harder than steel balls

Generally speaking - Overall friction is more than 10% less than an all-steel bearing of the highest quality. We've seen an increase in 500 free rpm on a Husky 357. This translates into speed in the wood, under load.

This the known list of what these bearings will fit. If you don't see your bearing listed in the drop-down menu, just select a saw of similar displacement. We are mainly just trying to keep track of what saws these are going in.



  • Replaces 95230034275, 9523 003 4266, 9523 003 4266
  • Many Stihl saws including 034, 036, MS360, 044, MS440, 046, MS460
  • Replaces 9523-003-4555, 95230034555
  • Many Stihl saws including 064, 065, 066, MS640, MS650, MS660, 064 AV




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