Hollowpoint Titanium Wrist Pin 12mm – Dominant Saw
Hollowpoint Titanium Wrist Pin 12mm

Hollowpoint Titanium Wrist Pin 12mm

  • $ 30.00

These are racing parts with a shorter life than the OEM equivalent, and therefore sold with no warranty. Despite a very-noticeable performance increase, they will fail after 35 (or less) tanks of fuel in a ported 372xp running our piston. They are, however, very high quality and will stress your saw less due to lighter weight.

Reducing rotating weight is only one part of faster acceleration. Trimming down reciprocating weight is the other. An engine's reciprocating mass accelerates and comes to a stop twice per revolution. You don't want a saw spinning north of 13,500 RPM to do any extra work. That piston is coming to a halt 27,000 times a minute! Dropping few grams from equation adds up fast and has a direct impact on the performance of your saw.

The hard numbers: If you drop 7g by switching to Hollowpoint Ti Wrist Pin, your saw does almost 450 lbs less work per minute in the cut. Over the life of the wrist pin, your chainsaw's internals will be less stressed. Hollowpoint ti pins weigh about 9g, which is about half the weight of our Wiseco pins (about 17g). These run up to 0.0015" undersized for power gains, but we have found differences of a thousandth of an inch in all the manufacturers pins. 

Fits 372 and some others with no modifications. Will fit all 12mm wrist pin saws, even those not listed. Pin is ~35.5mm long. Some shortening of the pin may be needed to equal the length of your OEM wrist pin and fit your saw. Grind from the outside edge in toward the center of the hollow, in a rotary motion, and sand/smooth in a similar way as not to have outward facing burrs. 


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