Dominant Wiseco 52mm Piston for Stihl MS460 – Dominant Saw

Dominant Wiseco 52mm Piston for Stihl MS460

  • $ 130.99

NOTE: We are stocking this piston again, BUT some customers have experienced failures due to plating incompatibility between the Wiseco ring face and their chainsaw's cylinder. *See below

This Dominant Stihl piston was designed utilizing 3 rounds of development of our Husky 372 piston. We took what we learned and so we could offer the most vicious aftermarket piston available for a Stihl chainsaw. 

Our pop-up dome has been increased to 0.080" for uncompromising performance. This dome allows you to raise compression sky-high out of the box, while being resistant to detonation - but we still recommend the highest octane non-ethanol fuel you can get. You can widen and reshape ports alone, but it never will stack up to what more compression will do for your saw.

We didn't stop there. We trimmed the piston skirt to advance intake timing. We removed as much weight as we could by machining the inside of the piston, as well, but the dome adds a little back. Weight is still less than stock.

These are single ring pistons with a thinner ring than OEM - this means lower reciprocating weight, and less friction. The skirts have factory applied ArmorGlide™ moly coating to reduce friction and heat. Additionally, the lighter piston will reduce the crank bearing load as well.

Our exclusive asymmetrically-domed and balanced piston crown is factory anodized - which acts as a thermal barrier that reduces the amount of heat saturating the piston. The result is a cooler piston that expands less resulting a cooler more powerful engine that lasts longer.  

This smoother, lighter, cooler and higher compression piston will rob less power from your saw while preserving power we all like - all this adds up to more chips.

These fit Stihl MS-460.

* It is key to use a ring that is compatible with your cylinder. This piston comes with a 1mm thick Wiseco chrome ring, if using in a chrome cylinder use a 1mm cast iron ring - we've had great luck with cast iron caber rings, that are normally 1.2mm ground down to 1.0mm on a surface grinder, or using sandpaper on a flat surface. 


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