Sugihara Lightweight Replaceable Tip Bar – Dominant Saw

Sugihara Lightweight Replaceable Tip Bar

  • $ 100.00

Replaceable Sprocket Tip Light Weight Bar

The Sugihara chainsaw bar has a polished finish to reveal the high quality of steel used to manufacture every Sugihara chain saw bar. Whether your power head is a Stihl chainsaw or a Husqvarna chainsaw or another brand, this chain saw bar will only improve your production output and save you money by outperforming every other brand of chainsaw bar you can name.

This fact can was best illustrated by a testimonial given by Adam Dufour, owner of D & D enterprises and the Adam Dufour Logging Company with his comment “Most loggers wear out chainsaw bars with their chainsaws. I have worn out chainsaws with my Sugihara chain saw bar.” Dufour uses both Dolmar and Husqvarna chainsaws in his logging operations.

Sugihara chainsaw bars are significantly lighter than the solid body chainsaw bar. For example, a 24” Sugihara bar weighs 2.79 pounds. Compare that with a Stihl chainsaw 24” ES chainsaw bar that weighs in at 3.67 pounds. A significant reduction in weight and you can feel the difference when you have to flip the saw. When using longer lengths, the Sugihara lightweight chain saw bar has better nose balance and you will fell the difference at the end of each day.

But the most remarkable feature about the Sugihara chainsaw bar is how stiff it is. Other lightweight bars sacrifice stiffness to reduce the chainsaw bar weight. Not so with the Sugihara chainsaw bar. The Sugihara lightweight bar is much stiffer than other brands, giving the cutter far better control on the far side of a long cut. And when this chain saw bar gets pinched during a cut and bends, once released it will straighten out for continued use.

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