Andy Wellman Signature™ Porting & Parts – Dominant Saw
Andy Wellman Signature™ Porting & Parts

Andy Wellman Signature™ Porting & Parts

  • $ 100.00

Porting is a highly variable term, but for those that like cake, and eating it too, we introduce Andy Wellman Signature™ Porting bundled with our most popular Dominant parts. What you'll get back is a tuned and ported saw that will cut wood like you've never imagined. Not for the faint of heart, your ported saw will flat-out rip.

Every port job is custom, and your deposit reserves your spot in line. Send your saw in, and Andy will consult with you about your goals for the saw. Our comprehensive porting service is $350 and you can add things from there. 

You get: compression increase via pop up/base cut or squish cut/base cut depending on what suits your saw.

Ultra sonic cleaning

Port re-timing to match your cutting needs, torque vs chainspeed

Port shaping to favor you cutting needs

Intake/transfer blending/smoothing for better flow.

Piston lightening and contouring (ceramic coating optional for $50).

Fly-wheel lightened if it makes sense for the type of tune.

Andy Wellman Design muffler mod (not just opened up) rather it acts like a mini expansion chamber.

New crank seals, new fuel line and filter if needed.

Saw tested and re-tuned real time in wood with carb limiters removed.

New caber rings (if available) if ring gap is larger than .004"/bore inch.

Additional parts: crank bearings, carb kit, new carb, max flow air filter, coil, plastics, are extra for parts only, and installation is included because your saw is already apart.

You'll get a call from Andy for a final consultation to match the porting and tune to the way you use your saw.

Lead times vary. Read more about fuel here. Read more about porting here. Read more about shipping your saw


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