Ferrari Reverse Threaded Turnbuckle Carb Adjuster – Dominant Saw

Ferrari Reverse Threaded Turnbuckle Carb Adjuster

  • $ 299.00

I've washed, detailed, photographed, driven and observed my fair share of these beautiful, yet charming vehicles. One thing that I noted was the method of syncing carburetors using the pinch bolts on the turnbuckle arms, as opposed to the linkage rods. The OEM rods are right-hand thread on both ends.

These are the plug and play replacement for the carb adjustment rods, but with a reverse thread on one end of the rod and a reverse-threaded end made to exactly match the Ferrari part.

These utilize the original retaining clip and one of the original adjusters. Many of the most recognized Ferrari restorers worldwide have utilized this kit to save time on carb set-up and adjustment.

The finish is a black coating like the original.