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Chainsaw Savvy - A complete guide. Cutting, Sharpening, Troubleshooting.

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A classic chainsaw gem, Chainsaw Savvy has the answers. Did you know in that 1982, the year of copyright, there were 100,000 chainsaw injuries requiring medical attention? 90% of these injuries were lacerations, and 40% were to the finger or hand, while 6% were face, head, or neck injuries.

The rest of the book covers less trivial topics of troubleshooting, cutting, and maintenance. More below.

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Cutting, Sharpening, Troubleshooting.

By Neil Soderstrom

"From startup to tree fall, from kickback to airbag wedges, from maintenance to environmental considerations, this handbook is one of the few I've seen that truly cuts it as a "complete guide". It will find a permanent home inside my chainsaw case."    

Bill Rooney editor of American Forest Magazine


"The number of quality how-to books published in one year can be counted on two hands. Soderstrom's CHAINSAW SAVVY is one of them and should be made required reading for every chainsaw user."

Joseph R. Provey

Editor of The Family Handyman

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