Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener – Dominant Saw

Timberline Sharpener

  • $ 123.99


Razor sharp chain, sound good?

Grinder not working out for you?

Chainsaw bling for a wood cutters arsenal. The Timberline Sharpener clamps over your bar and uses a precision, hand cranked, double-cut carbide burr to put a repeatable and uniform edge on your cutters. This will reset your chain geometry or just touch up it up any time.  

Hand filing is faster, but the Timberline is the best way in the field or at home to sharpen your chain better than the factory or any grinder. Here's why:

Grinders harden your cutting teeth, and can ruin files. Hand sharpening is great, but not as accurate as the Timberline's machined aluminum jig. After a quick learning curve, you'll get the hang of it - have a new respect for how fast a Timberline sharpened chain will cut. Select one cutter to be shipped with the Timberline. Additional cutters here.

Notes on Sizing:

Cutter size is determined by chain pitch. Typically labeled on the chain saw bar near the motor. This number will be .404, 3/8, .325, 3/8p, or 1/4. Most chains are classified 3/8 or .325; however, if you have a 3/8 check if it is a large or small version.

.404″ pitch chain = Large 7/32″
3/8″ pitch chain = Large 7/32″
"Stihl" Brand 3/8″ pitch chain = Large/Medium 13/64″
.325″ pitch chain = Medium 3/16″
.325" pitch chain = Medium/Small 11/64"
3/8″ Low Profile ( LP, PICCO, micro, mini) = Small 5/32″
1/4″ pitch chain = Extra Small 1/8″

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