Dominant Ported Mufflers – Dominant Saw

Dominant Ported Mufflers

  • $ 95.00

Complete your performance saw build or simply bolt-on some power. These tuned mufflers allow your saw to breathe better, add exhaust length and use the current exhaust volume to as an mini expansion chamber. This combination improves exhaust driven scavenging, resulting in smarter more effective increase in power.  You will need to retune your saw and this may require modification to the carburetor limiters.

Here's some two-stroke exhaust tech for the uninitiated. An open exhaust on a two-stroke engine is not actually what you want. It may sound bad ass, but it's not ideal.
More, or bigger holes in your exhaust is not the answer, there is great deal more to an exhaust than that. While the cylinder porting and piston position on your chainsaw function as "valves", the exhaust shape and size helps reflect or bounce some of the intake charge (that escapes with the exhaust gas) back into the combustion chamber. This reversed exhaust wave is key to engine performance.  Get it wrong, and your power is down, get it right and you will know. That's why when you hear/feel a well tuned dirt bike or chainsaw "on the pipe," there is sweet exhaust note and you can feel it in your seat-of-the-pants meter.

WAIT! 372 vs. 372XP? Same saw. We list most of these saws so that you can find them via internet search. So 394, 395XP - that's a 394xp and a 395xp. Same with the other Husky pro saws.

Stay tuned as we add more of these.

*NOTE* Gaskets are NOT included-see your parts supplier.

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